Managing devices for Cents

Onboarding new devices

Onboard one, hundreds or thousands of new devices without staging

Manage devices, any time, from anywhere

Provision and manage any SIP or H.323 device remotely from anywhere

Zero-touch activation

Enable dial-tone for thousands of devices without manual intervention

Migrate with speed and precision

Migrate your devices from H.323 to SIP

Maximize device up-time

Administer device recovery policies across multiple Avaya Aura nodes

Automate Software updates

We manage your software updates

Manage services

Our team can help you accelerate device migrations while reducing your cost

Custom solutions

Our service professionals can quickly help you add a new devices and platforms

Cloud resilient services

Multiple data centers offering high availability and disaster recovery

Why manage devices with OnCents?

Simplicity, velocity, resiliency and cost-efficiency are four key reasons for managing your devices with OnCents. We offer an easy-to-use solution for Avaya customers that accelerates provisioning of services and device migration. Our cloud-based platform supports business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and we offer a range of service plans to meet virtually any organization’s budget.    

For instance, managing the configuration complexities for even a small migration can be frustrating and time consuming for technicians, requiring extensive work on weekends and nights. A large migration can require an army with all hands on deck. The complexity requires coordination with enterprise IT teams and the impacted business team. This results in a costly process that is a major obstacle to migrating from H.323 to SIP.

OnCents can help save you time and energy by automating your device configurations. For example, the 46XXSettings file has 182 pages of program statements, 490 IF statements, 1,065 SET value statements and 344 GOTO statements. And this may be running on various releases of Aura (R5, R6, R7, R8), in a number of data centers, with device models including the 16xx, 46xx,96xx,96×1,J1xx,H175, and Vantage and Equinox clients.

Without visibility – how do you confirm that all devices have been properly registered with its designated server?  And how to you manage the chaos that results when you blindly reset a network region? Devices that do not register need to be located for manual intervention. Think of sending a technician to Frisco building 3rd floor, 6 cubical, and 121-A desk, just to reset or login to one phone.   How do you manage this for a  major customer with a global presence and thousands of devices?

OnCents Benefits

OnCents offers a robust package of benefits for service providers and end users, including greater responsiveness and cost-efficiency. Other advantages include:

  • Simplified management. Use the Web interface to simplify your device management and firmware upgrades, with remote provisioning and resets, regardless of whether you have one or tens of thousands of devices to manage.
  • Better visibility with a single holistic view of all your devices types, models and configurations across the enterprise, globally and across call servers and lines of businesses. Drill-down reports can be used for planning and management.
  • Load balancing for devices across your business and contact center operations on demand and the ability to optimize call volumes to address both normal and peak system operations.
  • Business continuity, which is enhanced by automating device recovery in the unlikely event of a call server failure or other disaster.

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