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OnCents supports Avaya Aura 16xx, 46xx, 96xx, 96×1 devices.

OnCents supports Avaya Aura 96xx, 96×1, J100 series and H.175 and Vantage devices.

 OnCents supports Avaya Aura R5, R6, R7, with R8 on the roadmap for early 2019.

OnCents supports Avaya Aura firmware versions for both SIP and H.323 devices.

OnCents supports the INEMSOFT Radio Gateways and iEXtreme Mobile PTT Applications


OnCents provides the ability to upgrade and downgrade device firmware individually or by group of devices.

OnCents can move the device registration to alternate Aura systems on command or automatically with the “always on” recovery feature.

OnCents can be deployed on premise for large enterprises using customer-provided VMware. Contact us for details.

OnCents will allow you to onboard tens of thousands of devices per month.

The OnCents web interface allows the administrator to perform adds, removes and updates. The web interface dashboard provides visibility to device distribution per site. It also includes comprehensive audit, reporting and security functions.

OnCents supports multitenant with all the services plans.

OnCents eliminates the need for DHCP management, while providing control for device resets and migrating firmware from H.323 to SIP. DHCP is only used to give the device OnCents the FQDN, URL or IP address so devices can reach OnCents.


OnCents provides a forced or managed reboot, allowing the user to complete his/her call before the reboot occurs.

Yes easily. Will show you how.

The OnCents professional services team can help you migrate devices between SIP platforms.

OnCents sends uniquely tailored settings files, configurations and firmware to each device. OnCents can deliver these settings to a single device, a group or to the entire line of business.

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